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What is WarHOUSE?  

It's a trainer-guided workout program focused on the core principles of body movement and mechanics to help you get fit, fast, and strong. 

How it works 

Through the WarHOUSE course, you and a trainer will work through the fundamentals of the WarHOUSE program to determine the best starting point for you- beginner, intermediary, or advanced. Your trainer will also give you pointers and form checkpoints to improve upon.  From there, you receive three to four workouts a week (depending on your membership package option) to complete at your own time in the 2500 square foot WarHOUSE room located inside Phase Gym. 

WarHOUSE Fundamentals 

As a WarHOUSE member, you will learn form checkpoints to correctly and safely SSSLPPPR (pronounced slipper), which of course stands for: Squat, Step, Swing, Lift, Push, Pull, Press, Raise. These movements are the core of every exercise you will perform at WarHOUSE AND in your house. The WarHOUSE program is designed to prepare you for your life outside the gym as you go about daily chores and tasks. After all, what use is the gym to your life if not to better prepare you to function outside the gym. 


How do I schedule my first WarHOUSE course? 
Easy! Contact us and we will be glad to help. WarHOUSE courses can be scheduled any day of the week between 5:30 am to 8:00 pm (subject to trainer availability).

How do I move to a different level? 
Simple! Once you feel you have mastered your current level, schedule a follow up WarHOUSE course. This follow up course will determine if you’ve mastered the movements and are ready to level up. 

What happens after I’ve mastered all levels?

Well, you’re either super fit and need to maintain by continuing the advanced program, or you may feel you want to push harder. This is what Phase Gym’s Private small group training sessions are for. You can learn more about that option here

Is there anything else included with a WarHOUSE membership? 
Actually, yes! As a WarHOUSE member, you are also gaining an open gym membership to Phase Gym (normally $55). Open gym grants you access to all areas of Phase Gym from 5:30am -10pm every day of the week. Learn more about open gym here. 

What’s the cost? 
WarHOUSE has two options:

Three workouts a week for $120/month

Four workouts a week for $150/month.

What is the focus of the fourth workout? 
Four, as we call it, is all for core (get it? We like rhymes). This session will give you a break from the rigorous full-body workouts of days 1-3 to focus more on your core (did it again). 

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